Diego & Natalie

May 26, 2018

Boca Raton Florida

Wedding Party


  • Ladies

    Eftiola Gjidede

    Matron of Honor


    Eftiola and Natalie met the first day of high school. They instantly had a connection and a bond that has lasted through all the years of their friendship. They often refer to themselves as being one soul in two bodies. These two have shared the best years of youth in Florida, some being Greek hot spots, hookah coffee shops and beach days. Natalie was the maid of honor at Eftiola's wedding and now the roles have reversed. 

  • Ladies

    Caroline Kavlakian

    Maid of Honor

    Caroline and Natalie met as kids when Caroline moved to Florida from Greece. They are family friends and the best of friends but more like sisters. They grew up playing with barbie dolls and watching cartoons to celebrating sweet 16's to hitting Greek hot spots with Eftiola (above). 


    A little irony - Caroline is Armenian just like Natalie. She recently got engaged to her longtime boyfriend, Eddie, who is also Cuban as is Diego.

    P.S. At the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro Artur Aleksanyan won Armenia’s first gold medal at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, after defeating Yasmany Daniel Lugo Cabrera of Cuba in the Greco-Roman Wrestling 98 kg final on Aug. 16.

  • Ladies

    Laura Sepulveda


    Laura and Natalie met at Outsource Consultants, Inc. Their work stations are opposite each other. The day Laura started work, her and Natalie started talking like they knew each other for a long time. Now, the only issue is how to keep them seated and apart during work hours. They enjoy fine dining lunches, shopping, getting pampered and shopping (did we mention that)? 

  • Ladies

    Kristina Bedoyan

    Junior Bridesmaid

    Natalie was at the hospital the day beautiful Kristina came into this world. Natalie's parents are Kristina's God Parents which makes them Godsister's! Kristina is an intelligent, beautiful young girl Natalie loves so much! 



  • Gents

    Miguel Lizardo

    Best Man

    When Miguel and his brother were behaving badly and in need of mentoring, who did Miguel’s mother call? And that is the story of how the groom met his best man. Those many afternoons of bible study classes, softball games and pizza eating contests forged a close personal friendship.


    That friendship took a turn when Miguel and Diego briefly became estranged after one of Miguel’s frequent summer trips to the Dominican Republic. It was only by coincidence that they were reunited a few years later when Diego walked into a store in Manhattan and found to his surprise and delight, his lost friend Miguel. They reconnected and shortly thereafter, Miguel joined Diego’s company where he remains until this day.


    Miguel is not only the best man, he is the best of men.




  • Gents

    Joel Lizardo


    Diego met Joel during Joel’s brief summer visit to New York City.  It was only when Diego visited the Dominican Republic a year later that they developed a friendship but it was only after many scotch fueled nights that they truly developed a bond.


    Joel moved to New York to attend graduate school and moved in his with brothers, Amed and Miguel.  The Lizardo brothers had recently moved into the same neighborhood as Diego and when Joel arrived, the circle was complete.  Well, almost (see Victor Polanco).

  • Gents

    Victor Alexander Polanco


    Diego met Victor through his best man, Miguel.  It was a brief and relatively unmemorable introduction at Miguel’s house over a game of NFL Madden.  It was only after Miguel recruited Victor for a job at the same company Diego worked at that the re-introduction became an opportunity for friendship.

    That friendship became a brotherhood.

Flower Girl

  • Flower Girl

    Alexa Debus

    Alexa is Natalie's cousin and god daughter. She is the sweetest and brightest young girl. Alexa likes dance, soccer and playing with her two older brothers. 

  • Flower Girl

    Jenny Ana Sofia Fundo

    Jenny is a super adorable girl who is one of Natalie's good friends daughter. She will walk down the aisle with her brother, Gregory who is a ring boy. 

Ring Boy

  • Ring Boy

    Beau Berns

    Beau is Natalie's cousin's son. He is handsome and an honor roll student. Beau loves to play with legos and puzzles. 

  • Ring Boy

    Gregory Fundo

    Gregory is a handsome and sweet stud. He is an amazing and protective older brother to his sister Jenny - just like his dad Lefter who is like a brother to Natalie. 

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